Visual Symphonia are a post-punk, goth-rock and dark-wave UK/German project by Patrick Samuel-Nietzold and Hakon X.

Having produced Patrick’s first three solo albums, Hakon X joined the band at first to lend his santoor playing skills to live shows. This then expanded to accompaniment with other instruments as Visual Symphonia widened their sound with new material Patrick was writing following his 2021 album, Communion, for Tiergarten Records.

The duo are also known for incorporating strong, theatrical dance elements into their sets that include classic goth movements, yoga poses, shadow dancing, kabuki, butoh, flamenco and classical Indian dance. Props tend to show up on occasion as well; a bullwhip, folding fan, masks, a rainstick, cajon, an umbrella, cane, playing cards and sunglasses have all made their way into Visual Symphonia sets in the past.

Drawing on influences from bands such as Dead Can Dance, Ministry, Sisters Of Mercy, Xmal Deutschland and Siouxsie and the Banshees whilst also keeping an eye on current trends within the genre, Visual Symphonia combine distinctive basslines, gothic synths and ancient instruments that alternate between aggressive and dreamy electric guitar tones layered with Patrick’s unmistakable and melodic baritone.

Visual Symphonia have been playing live shows since 2019 in venues across London. Combining rock with elements of cabaret, circus, poetry by Hakon X, and occasional comedy with the help of goth puppet Kevin Krooger, their setlists are energetic, atmospheric and memorable.

Visual Symphonia — Promo II

Covers include:

Siouxsie & The Banshees — Face To Face
This Mortal Coil — Song To The Siren
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — Red Right Hand
Sisters of Mercy — Marian
Eurythmics — Sweet Dreams